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british money slang

Patrick of cash money life found a good post on American money slang and would like to know the origin of the word quid. Here is my non-definitive list of common British English slang terms for money, their meanings and derivations (where possible).
quid = one pound sterling This is the most common form of slang [...]

111th carnival of personal finance - glastonbury edition

We’re in England, its summer, its raining, it must be music festival season. The undisputed king of British music festivals is the Glastonbury Festival and so in honour of this auspicious time of year, this weeks carnival of personal finance has a Glastonbury theme.
Whilst I’ve got your undivided attention, a little advertising from your host. [...]

the people opposite me are moving

A for sale sign is up on the house opposite mine, so of course I’ve checked it out at the agents to see what its on for and to nose at pictures of the inside.
Its on at £10K more than my house was, which is easily accounted for by the decorative state of the property [...]

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