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July 30, 2007

111th carnival of personal finance – glastonbury edition

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We’re in England, its summer, its raining, it must be music festival season. The undisputed king of British music festivals is the Glastonbury Festival and so in honour of this auspicious time of year, this weeks carnival of personal finance has a Glastonbury theme.

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First up, the headline acts, the ones that you all should have come to see on The Pyramid Stage:

Close to the best, but not quite there The Other Stage hosts:

The Kidz Field, needs no introduction everything related to those wonderful bundles of joy can be found here:

The John Peel tent hosts those trying out something different:

For all the counter-culture hippies, thinking about the bigger picture come and share the Sacred Space with these bloggers:

A music festival has to house thousands, see what they have to say in the TiPi Village:

All this action is making me thirsty, so I’m going over to one of the Workers Beer bars for some refreshments with:

How do we make sure that undesirables are kept at bay? We have the perimeter fence as our insurance:

Let us make something for the future by checking out the Crafts Field and seeing what we can make for ourselves in investing and income:

Its back to basics at the Acoustic Stage, as it is with these money saving ideas:

At the non-virtual Glastonbury there’s something else thats compulsory, tickets, but in this version we’ll stick to death and taxes:

Don’t forget to use the control centre and emergency services for any unwanted debt that is floating around:

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