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111th carnival of personal finance - glastonbury edition

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We’re in England, its summer, its raining, it must be music festival season. The undisputed king of British music festivals is the Glastonbury Festival and so in honour of this auspicious time of year, this weeks carnival of personal finance has a Glastonbury theme.

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First up, the headline acts, the ones that you all should have come to see on The Pyramid Stage:

  • a years worth of weekly cheap dates @ millionaire mommy next door, awesome list of inexpensive things to do with your better half
  • two fry pan theory of feeling rich @ money changes things, this post lives up to its intruiging title
  • wealth building made REAL simple @ moolanomy - the science of money, an excellent post on the cornerstones of finance
  • the grown-up kids conundrum @ GRACEful retirement, an excellent post on a topic not often covered from this angle

Close to the best, but not quite there The Other Stage hosts:

  • when is the right time to sell an investment? @ the mad money analyst, well, you probably don’t want to keep them all forever
  • our night with saladmaster @ free money finance, a personal experience with a door-to-door salesman
  • the 1% stock trading rule @ million dollar journey, how much should you be paying for trades? - there are some good comments on this post as well
  • four ways to successfully control debt @ bad credit debt consolidation, I notice that the name of the blog sounds a bit spammy, but the post is good
  • lifestyle inflation - how it can sneak up on you @ saving advice, good advice on both avoiding and mitigating lifestyle inflation

The Kidz Field, needs no introduction everything related to those wonderful bundles of joy can be found here:

  • 529 college saving plans for the win @ accumulating money, everyone likes a win-win situation
  • identity theft for kids @ advanced personal finance, are your kids at risk?
  • choosing a 529 plan @ lazy man and money, with at least one from each state, which should you go for?
  • emergency funds are crucial @ debt free revolution, thanks to this post, I’ve got the image of a little girl with her arm bent backwards in my head

The John Peel tent hosts those trying out something different:

  • millionaire making assets @ the authentic bartender blog, you can’t become a millionaire quickly by playing safe
  • day trading basics and strategies @ stock trading to go, its more complicated than you might think
  • sas (and we don’t mean special forces) @ insure blog, Fridays are not a popular day to come in to work on
  • ING Direct’s electric orange “send paper checks” feature @ consumerism commentary, who should be earning the interest whilst the money’s in the ether?
  • return fraud, returning rocks instead of tvs @ one frugal girl, that’s no money saving its criminal
  • tip jars are everywhere! should we fight back or give in @ my money blog, maybe they’re not so bad after all
  • quicken 2008 to release on amazon @ about financial software, check out the guy on the front of the box and help decipher the german
  • the minimum wage is now $5.85 /hr, but what’s the point? @ mighty bargain hunter, over here on the right (hand) side of the Atlantic its £5.35 (thats about $10!)
  • book review: getting started - the financial guide for a younger generation @ we’re in debt, click through to see whether this book is a ‘buy or no buy’

For all the counter-culture hippies, thinking about the bigger picture come and share the Sacred Space with these bloggers:

  • its ok to shop at wal-mart (sometimes) @ indebted to you, they’re so big that you can’t possibly help them too much
  • trust in the Lord @ Daniel Condurachi’s Blog, when he thinks about it, Daniel is blessed
  • from debt to financial freedom @ christianity with purpose some things are more useful than money
  • when less is more @ getting to enough, a golden oldie
  • is the thought of debt ruining your life @ cleverdude, you need to live the life that you want
  • money and happiness @ my money and my life, what is priceless for you?
  • absolutes @ financial security quest, the dangers of “absolutes” when investing (and living life) and how to deal with them
  • how your occupation, education, income and net worth determine your social class @ the digerati life, a very apt post given that this carnival is being hosted in the most class-ridden country under the sun
  • car trouble and musings about not spending become an obsession @ grad money matters, has ispf strayed into the cheapskate territory?
  • would you disrupt your life to provide care for aging parents @ queercents, is it wrong to hope I’ve got generous siblings?
  • applying Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘chain’ concept to personal finance @ the simple dollar, trying to get new habits to stick

A music festival has to house thousands, see what they have to say in the TiPi Village:

  • $1.63 tax bill horror story @ don’t mess with taxes, if you don’t pay your property taxes, you could lose your home
  • house wars @ four pillars, if it sounds too good to be true, then there’ll probably be a bidding war
  • selling my house, quite an experience part 2 @ the financial blogger, having just completed my first home purchase I not looking forward to selling yet
  • what to do after moving into a new home or apartment @ finance is personal, all the little things that you might forget
  • the complete newbie’s guide to buying your first house part 1 @ make your nut, check your credit reports and scores before you do anything else
  • subprime loan alternatives @ daddy financials, there is a limit to how much help the government should give to help people buy a house
  • housing bubble and top new stories around the real estate industry @ FILAM personal finance, over here we don’t use the term real estate - until I started reading personal finance blogs I didn’t realise it meant buying and selling property
  • home mortgages are bad investment tools? housing myths part 3 @ home finance freedom, this one was a bit late but they apologised and they’ve got a great line ‘Saying that the debt is for a home does not change the laws of mathematics’

All this action is making me thirsty, so I’m going over to one of the Workers Beer bars for some refreshments with:

  • frugal eats @ running with scissors, the key to frugal eating is veganism (apparently)
  • fairtrade bananas, rice, sugar and more @ money and values, 12 types of fairtrade products and where to find them

How do we make sure that undesirables are kept at bay? We have the perimeter fence as our insurance:

  • will health insurance really save you money? @ insurance health hub, good post, but as a Brit I’m just going to say the magic words National Health Service as why this doesn’t apply to me
  • wedding insurance: is this crazy or is it just me @ saving with me, I dunno, maybe its a little mad (btw saving with me used to live at plus6.com, redirect your links)
  • why you should avoid the extended warranty @ family finance blog, extended warranties are money earners for someone

Let us make something for the future by checking out the Crafts Field and seeing what we can make for ourselves in investing and income:

  • Valuation Method: Accounting for Dividends with Present Value @ Dividends Matter, a method of calculating a fair price for a dividend paying stock
  • the gap concept @ intj personal development, if you’re starting a business, you need to be the first and the best
  • 5 ways to lose money from investing @ my wealth builder, in general losing money is something to be avoided
  • why automatic enrollment in 401(k)s might not always be for the best @ brip blap, keep your eye on the prize - a fully-funded retirement
  • additional income possibilities: self-employment @ plonkee money, probably the worst post in the carnival
  • the dow reached 14,000 and I don’t care @ moment on money, are we investors or traders?
  • why we always recommend buying low cost index funds @ moneyning, we are not all cutout to be stockpickers
  • wait! don’t pick Harvard just yet @ financial dominance, calculating the return on investment of an MBA
  • investing as capital allocation @ financial reference, its much more interesting than the title suggests
  • personal rate of return, dollar weighted or time weighted @ the finance buff, which method do you use?
  • the stock market lowers @ active duty military money and matters, helping you cope when the stock market moved downwards
  • improving your company’s 401(k) @ money and such, solid advice for trying to improve any part of your company’s financial benefits, not just 401(k)s
  • stock market correction: maybe now? @ my personal finance odyssey, trying out the sell in May and go away adage
  • prosper lending strategies - default rate research @ everyday finance, if you’re in the UK and looking for something like prosper, you want zopa

Its back to basics at the Acoustic Stage, as it is with these money saving ideas:

  • why I only pay $10 for my cell phone @ college of cash, evaluate what you really need to use a cell phone for
  • where to get free wi-fi @ motherload, the mom advice blog, it does exactly what it says on the tin
  • 5 ways to automate your finances @ online savings blog, the more you automate, the less likely you are to forget things in an expensive manner
  • bullet-proof your finances @ married and broke, how to make your budget work
  • the baglady budget @ the baglady, eliminate your past and maximise your future
  • 10 personal finance questions you need to know @ ask mr credit card blog, important things that you should be considering
  • budgets for people living in the real world @ smart money daily, some advice that hopefully anyone can stick to
  • what to do when you have an unknown charge on your statement @ cash money life, fortunately, there’s a happy ending to this story
  • operation garage sale: successfully selling clothes @ blogging away debt, making extra cash from unwanted threads
  • 10 tips to save money on golf @ the happy rock, sorry but I’m with Mark Twain on this

At the non-virtual Glastonbury there’s something else thats compulsory, tickets, but in this version we’ll stick to death and taxes:

  • not guilty does not mean not taxable @ tax update blog, under a common law system you sometimes get odd results - but tax is still inevitable

Don’t forget to use the control centre and emergency services for any unwanted debt that is floating around:

  • what’s in *your* wallet? @ i’ve paid for this twice already, calling and asking for interest rate reduction from a first-timer on the carnival
  • debt guidance for the financially illiterate @ mortgage blog, three basic steps for dealing with debt
  • using bumpage to improve your credit score @ war on credit cards, if you don’t know what bumpage is, you can find out here
  • how bad do you want to get out of debt? @ moneymonk, do you listen to broke people?
  • did I ever tell you about the time I had my identity stolen @ picture of wealth, what happened, and what to do if it happens to you
  • $800 in credit card bonuses (anyone can apply) @ five cent nickel, I’ll caveat this myself by saying its anyone in the States
  • preventing identity theft. a cautionary tale @ my journey to eliminate debt, a reminder that con artists are professionals and so might be good at what they do
  • improve your fico score to achieve financial freedom faster @ journey to financial freedom, don’t forget that in the UK and Australia they also look at the total available credit that you have and too much is not good
  • ebay mastercard creates ebay layaway plan @ money smart life, planning for Christmas already?
  • extra, extra: no credit disagrees with Dave Ramsey @ no credit needed, I can hear strains of ‘don’t panic Mr Mainwaring, don’t panic‘ already

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  1. Thanks for putting this together - these are always a lot of work to do. Looking forward to some good reading.

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  4. Wow! What a job, and with all the intriguing cultural refs lost on us Americans. I will study up.
    Thanks for featuring my Two Fry Pan theory. We’ll see if it holds water… or chicken scnitzel.

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  7. I’m honored that you selected my submission as a “headline act”! Thanks, Plonkee, for organizing and hosting the carnival! Very well done. I’ll be linking back here in my Blog Carnival Roundup.

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  14. Thanks for hosting and the cool info about Glastonbury! I’ve let my readers know.

    [...]This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance has an international flavor, or I should say flavour, with Plonkee Monkey hosting from England.[...]

    Posted by Kay | July 31, 2007, 4:16 am
  15. Thanks for hosting, plonkee! I really enjoyed your edition. I’ve participated in the Harrowgate Music Festival — is Glastonbury anything like that?

    Posted by Flexo | July 31, 2007, 6:12 am
  16. Hey, thanks for hosting, great! Sorry to anyone trying to visit yesterday, Google glitch had my blog down all day. If a interested in some original Prosper lending research, feel free to drop in.


    Posted by Dan at Everydayfinance | July 31, 2007, 12:58 pm
  17. The Glastonbury festival,for those that don’t know,is a cross between a rock festival and a hippy gathering. It features jazz, world music, rock and alternative music and dance music. There’s also loads of stuff on environmentalism and new age thinking.

    Posted by plonkee | July 31, 2007, 6:46 pm
    Terrific job….Thanx for including our post!

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