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class and money

Some personal finance bloggers and commentors have been talking about the NY Times class calculator. It splits you into a specific class (bottom fifth, lower middle, middle, upper middle, top fifth) based on occupation, education, income and wealth.
Any true Englishman knows class well. It was George Orwell who stated that “England is the most class-ridden [...]

touting for carnival of personal finance posts

Clever dude is touting for more submission to the next carnival of personal finance. If you’ve written or are about to write a post on a blog on the broad subject of personal finance and you think its quite good, submit it to the carnival.
Give everyone the chance to hear what you say.

index funds are good

Lately I’ve been hanging out at the forums on money saving expert. As I mentioned in my review, IMO they aren’t the best feature of the site, in part because the articles are so good, but also because two or three prolific members hate index funds.
I probably shouldn’t pick on them, but i will anyway. [...]

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