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pfblogsround 27th april 2007

Welcome to another edition of pfblogsround where I round up the best posts this week from other pfblogs. On with the show:

top 13 money saving ideas of all time @ everyone loves you money when the opening idea is to stop using illegal drugs, you know you’re onto a winner
the game of life @ an [...]

wealth and IQ

I was reading in the free paper the Metro the other day that some scientists had found that people with a higher than average IQ were no more or less likely to be in wealthy than people with average or below average IQs in the same circumstances.

What does that tell us about personal finance? Its [...]

mere christianity and the library

I’m posting this in a futile attempt to win to trent’s book giveaway @ the simple dollar. He wants fifty words in response to one of his previous posts. In fact, trent’s probably already read some of the beginning this response as I emailed him about the post I’ve selected. Since I can’t win the [...]

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