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my friend has bought a house

My friend has just completed on her new house, and I haven’t got mine yet. Boo.I was in her house on the weekend and we were discussing some of the changes that she want to make to it and I was being asked all sorts of questions like, do I think it will look better [...]

98th carnival of personal finance is up

The 98th carnival of personal finance is being hosted by the King of Debt at we’re in debt, so check it out. Beware of the post on financial independence, as the scheme suggested sounds a bit too much like multi-level marketing to me.

money scripts: voting (part 2)

To me, a money script is something that I believe I should do in connection to money, based primarily on something I absorbed as a child. I wrote earlier, that I was taught that it is important to vote, and this can actually provide financial benefits. As there are local elections coming up soon, I [...]

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