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what does being rich mean?

Some days, I look back and wonder what exactly I’m saving and investing for. I don’t have any great goals. I don’t have any (or any desire for any) children to put through college. I have the money already for my first house and if my circumstances didn’t alter, I’d never need to move. I [...]

plonkeesround march 2007

I will share with you the best* posts written this month

foreign money isn’t the same
comparison of UK and US investments
misunderstanding pensions
mentally spending a non-existant windfall

*by best I mean favourite and written by plonkee

pfblogsround 29th March 2007

This week I have mostly been reading the following personal finance blogs:

save money with your feet @ get rich slowly. One of jd’s readers sent in a tip to cut back on transport costs and put the money you don’t spend into savings
one idea that could save you millions @ freemoneyfinance. Simple, move to a [...]

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