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…and when the luck begins

and when the luck begins, it’s like a wedding,
which is like love, which is like everything.
Alice Oswald

Sometimes I think that for a single person, I find the process of planning a wedding a bit too fascinating. It’s just that they always seem to be like real life, but on a more confined scale with lots and lots [...]

dangerous comparisons

Does anyone else compare their income to their friends?
my friends make more money than I do…
I just got off the phone with one of my closest friends. I guessed that she earned more than me these days because of the industry that she’s in and because she lives in London, but I didn’t realise it [...]

blogging, entertainment and information

Are personal finance bloggers really any different to Jim Cramer?
For those of us who are not American, so don’t know (or care that much) about CNBC. Jim Cramer is a stock pundit with a show called Mad Money on America’s biggest financial news network. Recently, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show (satirical news chat show, catch it [...]

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