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should I stay or should I go?

There’s are jobs going at a company that I’ve wanted to work at for a few years. It’s in essentially the same field that I work in now, just a slightly different sort of company (quite a bit smaller). I’ve met the director a few times and we get on fairly well - he gets [...]

thinking about deflation

Ack. The company I work for has just announced that a pay freeze for April. The argument is that this recession is really, really serious and there’s wage deflation in our sector. It’s a big company and covers lots of sectors, some of which are almost certainly in big trouble. My particular area is probably [...]

the sorry tale of Equitable Life

I remember, back in the olden days (2000?) when I was a maths student at university, one of my friends was filling in a job application for an actuarial trainee post. One of the questions asked about the applicants to comment on something relating to actuaries in the then current affairs. When she was asking [...]

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