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driving home for Christmas

I never get tired of thinking about personal finance. As usual though, I’m tired in general. I can’t wait for Christmas and New Year - mostly because I have a 10 day stretch without any work, half of which I’ll spend with my family and the other half in my own house.
However, going *home* for [...]

what Obama could learn from Britain

Well, a couple of people are interested to know what I think Barack Obama can learn from the British economic situation.
Let’s start by saying that I am an out and out liberal, in both the British and American senses. The chances of me voting for the Conservative party are slim, and (were I given the [...]

Happy Holidays - free e-book from the m-network

So, I know that saying “Happy Holidays” is hideously American, but my fellow m-network members are all Yanks, so it kind of makes sense. Anyway, we have a free e-book for you to download, themed around money saving tips for the festive season.
Free e-book - Money Saving Tips for the Holidays
Now, is a good time [...]

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