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July 22, 2008

check out some great posts on other sites

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Great posts that I’ve been holding on to in my reader for a while, you should check them out. If I think they’re good then maybe you will too.

what other people will pay for @ – if others will pay for it and you will do it, then maybe there’s some money in it for you

getting back on the horse @ – in case you didn’t know, Annie is a great British blogger, and this is another cracking post, because we all slip sometimes

the dirty secrets of debt reduction @ get rich slowly – JD should need no introduction, as he’s the (only occasionally disputed) king of personal finance bloggers. He’s the king because he’s such a good writer. In this case the topic is the mistakes that will lead you into debt. JD should know, he made them.

whoa! my 401k is losing money @ gather little by little – now, if you’re not an American like gibble, thenĀ  you probably don’t have a 401k, but it’s just an investment vehicle so this post really is for everyone. Your investment is going down, but the sky is not falling in, which I know you know, because you’re all sensible, but maybe someone you know doesn’t.

top 10 tips for frugal skincare @ notes from the frugal trenches – a newish British blogger that I thoroughly recommend posts tips for skincare. And I like them.

portfolio returns: the basics @ simple pound – another Brit (yes, we are taking over the world, thanks for asking). This time it’s a nice geeky spreadsheet formula post about how to calculate investment portfolio returns. You’ll love it.

treat yourself like a child to be more grown up @ wisebread – yes, folks tricks that work on kids will work on adults too. Mostly because children and adults are from the same species. In this case you’re going to be arguing with yourself about how you don’t really need such and such an item because you have a perfectly good one at home. I think an internal monologue is going to work best on this one.

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