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mobile phones and blackberrys

My last contract on my mobile phone has just run out, so I’m free to switch. I’m currently with T-Mobile on a £25 a month tariff. I don’t really use my mobile all that often, usually it’s a couple of dozen text messages and some 50 minutes of calls a month.
One of the things that’s [...]

financial goals, and living your life anyway

Having taken up the oboe, naturally I spend some time hanging out on music student forums. From time to time, someone will post a thread asking whether they could become a professional musician. It seems to be the general consensus that with enough work and a suitable teacher, anyone sufficiently dedicated could get to the [...]

planning for the worst

Good news is in.
With access to the right drugs, HIV has become a manageable chronic illness rather than a fatal disease. It’s kind of like Type I Diabetes now, although if you stop taking insulin you’ll die much more quickly - if you stop taking HIV medication then there’s a variable amount of time [...]

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