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June 18, 2008

things you don’t deserve

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To be honest, you probably don’t deserve anything. Your mother was wrong when she said you’re special – you are no more special than anyone else.

Pinyo @ Moolanomy just wrote about not deserving premium channels if you’re in debt. To be honest I’d extend this to practically everything. You don’t deserve new clothes, or an ipod, or a computer, or an overseas trip or…

When you’re providing your own income, and paying your own bills then you should be aware of how much comes in, and how much goes out. To keep yourself on the straight and narrow, you may well allow yourself splurge money, I know that I do. But the things you buy in this category aren’t things that you deserve, they are things that you can afford and that you want.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It comes from your own efforts, and if you can afford nice things, it’s ok to have them. But having nice things doesn’t imply that you are a more worthwhile person, that you are more deserving. It probably implies that you either have money, or debt. Each of those is value-less as far as your actual worth as a person is concerned.

The things that you might actually deserve aren’t things at all. You probably deserve recognition, praise, thanks and appreciation for what you do, and all the hard work that you put in. I hope you get those, because all the stuff in the world won’t make up for not having them.

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