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starting things as an adult

I mentioned recently that I’ve taken up the oboe. It’s quite good fun, but of course, I sound terrible at the moment. That’s a bit of a problem because my lessons take place at the local music college, where the students range from 16 to 25 are planning on making music their career. And I’m [...]

so you’d like to play music

So, I’ve decided to take up the oboe. As you do.
I already play the viola pretty well (or at least I would do if I practised) and I’ve always thought that if I learnt another instrument, it would be the oboe - we don’t mention the awful piano lessons I spent about 3 years taking [...]

boomerangs - try to get rid of them and they keep coming back

Have you heard the term, boomerang kid? It’s what you call people that move out of their parents home (typically to attend college) and then later move back in. Presumably the will move out permanently at some point.
To be honest, I don’t really get it - but I know people that do.
There are two ways [...]

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