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February 20, 2008

not sustaining my dream lifestyle is ok

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I was writing yesterday about the salary that I’d need to support my preferred lifestyle, and it came out to be an extremely large number. This number is larger than I have the means or inclination to earn.

I could use this information to motivate me to earn more money, but more than tripling my gross salary isn’t likely to be achievable any time soon. In fact, I don’t think it’s going to be achievable ever.

Before doing the calculations, I had no idea how far away I was from earning enough money to support my ideal life. Having done them, I am more motivated to stick to my budget and focus on spending money, time and effort on the things that make me happy.

Neither this pay rise, nor the next one, nor the next are going to be enough for me to have a dream life, so I have to modify the dream a little bit. I need to mentally cut back on the things that I think I want, because they aren’t realistic, not all of them at once.

I need to be happy to live my dreams one at a time and not pursue lots of spending plans at once.

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