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February 12, 2008

foreign family finance

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Well, I’ve come back from visiting family in Ireland. On balance I almost made money on the trip. I spent €46 getting from Dublin to the middle of nowhere, where my extended family live, and then about another €60 all told on drinks. Food and accommodation on the weekend itself were family provided, which I knew would pretty much be the case. Other miscellaneous expenses were €45 (gifts, snacks, etc).

I had €65 from previous trips to the Eurozone, and was given €50 on arrival by a family member. The same family member also (very unexpectedly) covered the cost of the flight.

Normally, I’m not happy about accepting gifts of money from family members. I have however, learnt that this particular branch of the family don’t take no for an answer. It’s like some kind of generational transfer, and I know that in return I am, or will be, expected to pass money on to the younger ones.

In my family this way of thinking is particular to the Irish branch, my English relatives aren’t as into giving out or receiving money. I don’t know whether it’s just my family, but I suspect not.

For those of you with family from overseas, how do their money habits compare to your own? Let me know in the comments.

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