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American sub-prime crisis: should the rest of us care?

This article will be featured in Home Finance: All you need to know about home ownership at rocket finance on Friday.
It should be no news to anyone that there is currently a sub-prime mortgage crisis in the good old United States of America. It’s been on the news, and in the papers for months already.
But, [...]

checking up on my goals and commitments

When I said that my financial goal for 2008 was to gain chartership, I didn’t think that I’d be called out on it within the first month of the new year. So, thanks MBH for reminding me that I’m supposed to be working on this.
Actually, at the moment, I’ve been identifying the requirements that I’ve [...]

working on feeling poor

The other week, I wrote about my love of house magazines, and how I’m frittering away money on them.
Lots of you had some great suggestions to save me money - I’m going to look into a cheap subscription to my favourite magazine, and I’m already checking out more online resources.
Llama for brains had, amongst other [...]

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