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December 31, 2007

any frugal home decorating suggestions?

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It’s my birthday today, and to celebrate I’m redecorating my dining room/library. A bit sad, but the long weekend was too good an excuse to miss, and I’m tired of it looking shabby.

When I bought my house, and just before I moved in I decorated the living room and got some DIY bits and pieces and spent £300 (approx $600) at Homebase. This time round, I’ve hopefully got away with buying a couple of tins of paint, some new brushes and some dust sheets and masking tape. I went to the DIY store on Friday night and spent £50.

Now, there are a couple of ways I could have made this cheaper. Firstly to wash out the brushes properly so I didn’t have to buy new ones (in my defence, I thought I had). Secondly, if I’d wanted a less specific colour, I could have bought cheaper paint. Sadly (and as per usual) I knew exactly what I had in mind, a matt mid lilac shade – it turned out to be Dulux Lilac Love, own brand didn’t come in quite the right shade.

Anyway, I’m looking for all your frugal home decorating suggestions. I’ve got more rooms to do, and a limited budget, what tips do you have?

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