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December 18, 2007

money minefield at the office Christmas party

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Christmas CrackerWe had our work Christmas do a few weeks ago. We were all treated to a meal out by the company – it probably came to about £25 a head. Each department does it’s own thing, so it wasn’t a great surprise the other day to find people glamming themselves up in the restrooms*.

As is often the case, they were discussing what had happened last year, and hoping the they would have more fun this year. There seemed to have been some problem with paying the bill a year ago, and one of the more junior members of staff ended up having to put a lot of it onto their credit card. All the girls agreed that this had been very embarrassing.

I think that these problems arise because it is never quite clear who will be paying for what, or how to split the bill, if say, drinks are not included. Nobody really likes to discuss money matters, which is fine if you are comfortably well off on a middle or senior management salary, but a little different if you are a struggling graduate, on a low admin wage or even just trying to get out of debt.

Stories such as the one that I half overheard are why I always like to carry enough money around to pay my own way, even if I’m pretty sure that someone else – like work – will be paying. I don’t want to leave someone else with an unexpected bill, nor do I like to be the one that has to pay it.

How does your workplace celebrate Christmas, and have their ever been any money issues?

*euphemism so as not to disturb the Yanks

Image of Christmas Cracker by roxeteer

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