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December 18, 2007

keeping us on track

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Just to keep everyone up to date, this week the carnival of personal finance was at get rich slowly. It’s always interesting to see what the theme is going to be, funnily enough this week it was Christmas related, the naughty or nice edition (if Father Christmas – or his secret spy – is reading this, I’m nice).

My post on celebrating a frugal Christmas was included, and another one that caught my eye was unintentional saving @ money myths – it’s nice to see that not everything unexpected, fun or not, will break the budget.

FIRE Finance are hosting the festival of frugality, picking up the baton with a great selection of posts and a Father Christmas theme (remember, I’m the nice one). 4 calling tips was included, and one of the other posts that I especially like is be frugal use public transportation @ moneyning. Speaking of which, my red car/DM boots have bitten the dust, so I’m onto my spare purple pair.

The carnival of everything finance included paidtwice’s guest post here at plonkee money as an editor’s pick (motivation and where to find it), which is nearly as good as having one of my own posts as an editor’s pick. I liked 5 ways to impress your boss @ gradgirl, I should probably start doing some of these if I’m going to try and get a promotion next year.

Finally, we’re on the 8th day of personal finance Christmas. The list so far is:

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