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October 1, 2007

fake it till you make it

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When you’re a bit skint, but would like to present an air of professionalism, or even just impress someone, you need to fake it till you make it. The two areas that instantly spring to mind are clothes and going out.


The best way to save money is to not buy many clothes. You can do this and still look professional by spending your money wisely.

1. Spend on classic clothes, for work clothes that will usually mean suits and the like. A good quality wool coat, for example, can last for ages and so cost very little per wear.

2. Well-fitting clothes will look more expensive. It can be a reasonable investment to have clothes altered and certainly only wear things that fit.

3. Polished shoes and reasonable quality accessories also make you look as if you have spent more money on your outfit. I think this is particularly true for cufflinks, scarves, earrings.

4. Cheap make up can be just as good as expensive make up, especially for lipstick and eye shadow – there is no need to splash out too much.

Impressing Whilst on a Night Out

If you want to fake an impression of relative wealth whilst on a night out, consider the following:

1. Take public transport to your destination, and meet people in a bar or restaurant. Take a cab home if this is safer.

2. Find out where some cool and inexpensive bars / restaurants / etc are and take the lead in making plans. Not everywhere the beautiful people go costs a fortune and nearly all places have special offers.
3. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Personally, I like cranberry juice, or tonic water as nice non-alcoholic drinks. This is good practice even if you are buying rounds.

4. Try and avoid wearing a coat, saving time and money on checking it.

5. Blagging of free drinks is fun. It can be hard to do and simultaneously look classy – but in nicer bars you are more likely to get champagne.

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