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carnivals are up

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I’ve been included in a few carnivals this week.

First up, the carnival of personal finance hosted by advanced personal finance. The best posts are:

  • when just enough is good enough @ growing up, finding the happy medium between paying off debt and living
  • would you accept a loan from a friend? @ college of cash, I think the right thing to do from the point of view of your friendship is probably to decline, it would probably make me wish they hadn’t offered

Secondly, the festival of frugality, hosted by beansprouts. The best posts are:

  •  what’s in my hand fridge @ the common room, all about what to do with leftovers
  • voluntary simplicity - the route to happiness @ slow down fast, why its better to live on less

    Thirdly, the carnival of debt reduction hosted by debt-free revolution (new member of the m-network). The best posts are:

    • the worst credit card I have ever seen @ the tao of making money,  I agree that it looks like a spectacularly bad deal, I think its a passive aggressive way of saying ‘no, you shouldn’t have a credit card’
    • what is a crisis plan? @ picture of wealth, as stated in the post, its actually a crisis aversion plan, and a splendid idea, half way between an emergency fund and an irregular expenses fund

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