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pfblogsround 2nd September 2007

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Here are some of my favourite posts from the m-network this week:

  • clear out those wallets - here comes the all-in-one credit card machine @ financial dominance, what looks like the greatest invention of all time
  • don’t give to the poor? @ christian finance, should you, or should you not give money to people begging on the street?

and from elsewhere:

  • 11 things Buffy taught me about frugality and simplicity @ living behind the curve, what can we learn from the greatest tv show of the late 90s / early 00s?
  • wwyd: speak now, or forever hold your peace? @ queercents, do you tell people that you think they making the biggest mistake of their lives?
  • the cheapskate guide: 50 tips for frugal living @ zen habits, bumper list of things to try out

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One comment for “pfblogsround 2nd September 2007”

  1. i think they making the biggest mistake of their lives.thank u for sharing.

    Posted by wallets | October 6, 2009, 11:46 am

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