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congratulations to a-level students

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So, today is A-Level results day. For those not in the know, A-Levels are the academic qualification most commonly used for university entrance in England. The pass rate has gone up, which I’m sure is causing everyone and their dog to say that they are much easier now than they used to be. Of course I wouldn’t say that, at least not out loud.

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One comment for “congratulations to a-level students”

  1. Sorry about finding this entry late! A-levels may be getting easier, or more parents are able to afford sending their darlings to private school. Everyone may also be taking the A-levels more seriously in each generation; I’ve noticed this from my own observations.

    The level of teaching in government schools is so c**p, that any improvement would actually improve people’s A-level results.

    Teachers treat the A-levels as a second-rate subject at government schools; it’s a common occurence for them to be late, to be absent. Some people have had teachers not attending their lessons at all, or completely misleading them on the coursework. Because of this, I’ve had my classmates who had their modules be all As have one module that’s a U.
    Does that make sense to you?!

    I wish some real journalism would occur! Statistics don’t tell you the story.

    Sorry for the rant, dear, but the more people know…

    Posted by C.M. | August 25, 2007, 2:41 pm

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