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109th carnival of personal finance is up

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Go check out the 109th carnival of personal finance at mint. They list each of the first posts of everyone who contributed - hopefully you’ll all do what I did and ignore that since my first post was rubbish.

Anyway, my favourite three reminders are:

  • be credit smart: be aware of the larry rule @ smart money daily reminds us that applying for credit impacts on our credit scores
  • why most people get returns less than the market @ my wealth builder reminds us that we’re not big, and we’re not clever so we shouldn’t try to beat the market
  • frugality, morality and harry potter @ graceful retirement reminds us that ethics are as important as frugality (btw my harry potter is on order from amazon)

Someone submitted an article which states personal finance blogs are usually boring, self-serving or useless. And then said how great the carnival of personal finance is. Interesting tactic, but I’m too bitter to give him a linkback.

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