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should I buy new appliances?

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I’m near the end of buying a new house. I’ve just bought a new house. In the fixtures and fittings list, it says that the vendor is leaving the kitchen appliances.

  • gas cooker
  • fridge
  • washing machine

I already own a washing machine that I really like. I’m also trying to be more energy conscious, and I don’t think that the fridge there is particularly new. I’ve always wanted a gas cooker that works properly. So ideally, I would bring my washing machine, buy a new fridge and buy a new cooker (assuming that the one there doesn’t work).

Thats quite a lot of money though. I estimate it at between £450 and £500 for basic models. Plus I then have to get rid of the ones that are there. The council will dispose of the fridge safely for me for free. They’ll also take the other items. But I have to be able to get them to the curb of the property, not easy on my own. And I’ll be contributing to the vast landfill mountains.

So should I buy new appliances?

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