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101st carnival of personal finance

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Its terribly lax of me. I haven’t mentioned the 101st carnival of personal finance, which is being hosted by FIRE Finance a blog I’m going to be adding to my feedreader. A few submissions to draw to your attention.

Firstly a couple of questions:

  • what active investors really do and what it costs them @ accumlating money
  • what does getting out of debt buy you @ the happy rock

Secondly, one for the mathematicians amongst us (gotta love the Taylor series)

  • where does the rule of 72 come from @ mighty bargain hunter

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One comment for “101st carnival of personal finance”

  1. Thanks for linking to the carnival and adding us to your feed reader.
    FIRE Finance

    Posted by FIRE Finance | May 23, 2007, 9:09 pm

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