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pfblogsround 5th May 2007

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Apologies for being late with the pfblogsround, my excuse is that I was attending a free classical music concert last night - not a great excuse, but not a bad one either.

Anyway, my favourite posts from other personal finance blogs have included:

  • paying off your mortgage and saving/investing @ free money finance it is possible to multitask your finances folks
  • investing without goals @ money and such shadox’s brother is doing something about his future, but it would be better if he had some goals
  • sharing money works for our marriage @ cleverdude good for you mate, but just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone
  • adjustable rate mortgages are awesome @ blueprint for financial prosperity another of jim’s devils advocate posts, this time written by a guest blogger - read the excellent comment by livingalmostlarge (whose own blog is here)
  • tips and trick to ensure you track your money @ get rich slowly one of jd’s friends is having difficulty recording all his transactions

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