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pfblogsround 16th March 2007

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Here are some of my favourite posts from other blogs this week:

  • paying bills when living abroad @ blueprint for financial prosperity jim is soliciting advice on how his friend could pay her credit card and student loan when she moves abroad. There are some great suggestions from Tim in the comments.
  • debt free with a six month emergency fund, what next @ the simple dollar trent’s reader has asked for advice on what to do after the basics. The five questions that trent asks are the best parts of this post
  • transferring credit card balances to multiple cards @ uk money pot useful information on how transferring credit card balances to multiple cards might not improve your credit score in the UK
  • cost of buying a house over 30 years @ consumerism commentary flexo’s take on a Wall Street Journal article on how taking into account the true cost of buying and selling a house mean that its not the great investment it is portrayed as. Note that in the UK, house price inflation over the last 30 years has been about 2.5% greater than RPI, so an overall house value inflation of 5.66% would be about right over here too
  • how to look wealthy without borrowing @ getting green great post on some ways to have the appearance of wealth without actually having it or a five figure credit card debt

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