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pfblogsround 9th march 2007

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Here’s a roundup of some of my favourite posts this week in other personal finance blogs

  • How community and home effect our wealth @ get rich slowly. It does exactly what it says on the tin. I couldn’t agree more with the conclusions of this post.
  • If you buy when the market is down, when do you sell @ the simple dollar. With the fall in the market prompting mild panic amongst financial journalists and the pfbloggers planning on buying stock at the now discount prices, trent looks at when you should sell and I’m with him on this one.
  • Check out the latest Dave Ramsey poll @ all financial matters. jlp runs the numbers on whether its better to pay your mortgage off early or invest extra in the stock market. Its pretty clear to me that I’ll be investing extra in the stock market before I pay off my mortgage early.
  • Move to another country to save money @ boston gal’s open wallet. This is all about Brits moving to France and Spain because its cheaper than living in the South East. I think I need to learn more languages before this starts to seem like a good idea.
  • Why I disagree with Dave Ramsey @ gaming the credit system. This is actually about whether advice to never use credit cards is applicable to everyone and do we all really spend more money if we use a card than if we used cash. Personally, I struggle to keep cash in my pocket but am almost allergic to spending foolishly with my card.

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